Workaholics : Did you know?



Did you know:

Workaholics started as a improv comedy collective (mail order comedy) that made short youtube comedy videos.

Blake and Adam met in acting classes in community college and became good friends and eventually roomates with kyle (you may know him as Carl the drug dealer friend on the show).

They lived in the same house that they film the show in for a few years together before moving out and giving the home to family friends in between filming.

During this time they met Anders at an improv class and the sparks began to fly They create each episode with a strong story structure but after the initial run through they do scenes again and again to get a good mix of written and improvised jokes so its always fresh and funny.

Montez was inspired by a real person Adam met while he had a real telemarketing job before all this.

The Workaholics Trio will be making a film with Seth Rogan in the next year that Ders claims will be an action comedy suitable for all workaholics fans.

The rat slaying season 4 finale was based on a time Adam and Blake had to fight off a house full of rats in that same house years prior.

Adam thought for sure after 1 season the show would be off the air because they made their slogan “Tight Butthole” (luckily he was wrong) .

Workaholics is the best t.v show of our generation.

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